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Über HappyCow Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Featured on CNN, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal: The App Store's #1 vegetarian and vegan restaurant guide. Covering 180+ countries and online as a free-to-use website since 1999. Search HappyCow listings to find a local restaurant or cafe anywhere in the world, or search for reviews about a local vegan or vegetarian health food store.

* Search filters by location, vegan, vegetarian, health food stores + more
* Browse HappyCow to find a popular cafe or restaurant
* Store your favorites for future reference
* Organize restaurants and stores for your upcoming trips
* View an interactive map with restaurants
* Get directions, phone numbers, reviews, and website information
* Share what you find with your friends
* Upload photos of your delicious food
* Submit reviews and advice for your fellow HappyCow users
* Be Happy with HappyCow

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Updated & Improved Designs on list view
Enhanced auto-suggest on search locations
Improved pagination
Small design improvements
Bug fixes

Edd556cebaa3c04d77ca5c4f04bc3a43c402d2cada8fc52d5825c87a86a5a018 HappyCow Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

  • Kategorie: Travel
  • Version: 3.7.2
  • Preis: $3.99
  • Entwickler: HappyCow, Inc


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