Kaspersky Anti-Virus

  • Protects from viruses and spyware
  • Numerous scan functions
  • Easy-to-use user-defined scan
  • Virtual keyboard included
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Conserves PC performance
  • No "don't disturb" mode
  • Support could be more extensive
Conclusion Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an impressive offering with its numerous scan options However it does not include a silent mode. Pop-ups and messages have to be turned off manually.

Anti-virus software for various operating systems

On Windows, a reliable virus protection program is essential for the necessary standard equipment of the PC. All programs from the antivirus software comparison are therefore compatible with the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 und 8.1
  • Windows 10

In some cases even the old versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista are still supported by antivirus programs. Since Microsoft has discontinued the support for these operating systems, users are already well advised to upgrade to a current version.

How secure is the Windows Defender?

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has its own antivirus tool, the Windows Defender, integrated into its operating system. 2016, the independent IT security test institute AV-Test has thoroughly tested this virus protection on Windows 10 for its security. The program delivered a better result than in previous years. In the "Protection" category, Windows Defender earned only 3.0 out of 6 points. This leaves the Microsoft tool behind the best Windows virus scanners. Windows users, who really want to secure the PC against malware, need a separate security software.